Why Study Creation? Part 1 – God Speaks to Job

27 Mar 2018
God gives Job a crash course in creation science.

Why study creation?

Isn’t doing so a form of idol worship?

Job makes some bold claims to his friends about his own righteousness.  When God addresses Job, He offers a short lesson on creation science to convict Job of his own minuscule stature and lack of understanding.  In so doing, God approves and demonstrates the study of creation as a means to know Him more.

Key Verses

 The Book of Job



Job’s Argument

Job, like most of us, makes the case that he is living a righteous life and that if he only had the opportunity to talk to God, he’d be able to make a strong and compelling case for his own goodness.

Here’s a gross translation of Job’s comments (in modern slang) starting in Job 23:
– I have a complaint. (23:2)
– If I could find God, I would make my case to him. (23:3)
– God would pay attention to me. (23:6)
– God would acquit me of all charges. (23:7)
– Other people are guilty but not me. (24:1-25)
– I challenge anyone to prove me wrong! (24:1-25)
– I wish God would answer me! (31:35)
– If God did answer me, I would tell him my side of the story and I would approach him like a powerful man! (31:37)

God’s Response

After Job tried to make a case for his own innocence in front of his peers, he went on to brag that he’d have no problem winning a self-defense case in God’s Own court if given the chance.
In Chapter 38, God answers Job.  He immediately put Job in his place and then went on demonstrate His Own Greatness by assigning Job a few homework questions about creation. (38:3)
His first question was: “Where were you when I [created] the earth?” (38:4)
God’s first demonstration to his arrogant pupil was to point out (in the form of a rhetorical question) that Job was not present or responsible for Creation!
God went on to give Job a brief lesson in creation science.  Like any good teacher, God asks His student several topic-specific questions during the lesson.  In addition, God laces in several creation-based challenges and statements of fact.

Some examples include:
– Who determines the measurements of creation? (38:5)
– Who limited the sea? (38:8)
– Have you comprehended the expanse of the Earth? (38:18)
– What is the origin of light? (38:19)
– What is the origin of darkness? (38:19)
– Have you commanded the length of a single day? (38:12)
– Have you entered into the springs of the sea? (38:16)
– Have you walked on the ocean floor? (38:16)
– Have you seen the gates of hell? (38:17)
– Have you seen the storehouses of snow and hail? (38:22)
– What is the direction to the place where light is distributed? (38:24)
He even chides Job sarcastically:
– Surely you know who determines the measurements of creation. (38:5)
– Surely You know, you were there! (38:21)

Job Responds to God

Job rightly attested to his own small size and then put his hand on his mouth demonstrating his willingness to stop talking and listen (40:4-5).Free Tip: Job is setting a very good example for all of us today!  How much more might we HEAR from God if we were to just shut-up and listen?
After God gives Job a short crash course on creation, Job rightly turns his heart back to God.  He recognizes that creation itself is a testimony to God and that God’s purposes can not be obstructed.
Job goes on to admit that he does not have perfect understanding.  After God’s brief but powerful lesson on creation, Job says: “I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you; therefore I despise myself, and repent.” (42:5-6).

Application Today

God uses creation to point out His Own Greatness, and He asks questions about His creation in order to illustrate key points for his audience.  It follows that Christians should NOT revere the creation, (Zephaniah 1), we can study His creation in order to learn more about its Creator!
“For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made.”
Romans 1:20



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