God's Creation

Why Study Creation? Part 1 – God Speaks to Job

Job makes some bold claims to his friends about his own righteousness. When God addresses Job, He offers a short lesson on creation science to convict Job of his own minuscule stature and lack of understanding. In so doing, God approves and demonstrates the study of creation as a means to know Him more.

The Word of the Lord Stands Forever: a Devotional Bible Study for Families and Sunday Schools

We know from Scripture that all of the most beautiful things were created by God (John 1:3) and that they praise Him jubilantly (Psalm 96:11-12). --- is it any wonder that Flowers always strive to point their petals at the warmth of the sun? Oh that we worked so hard to point our hearts at the Son!

Emerged and Renewed: a Salvation Devotional for Families and Sunday Schools

Many people believe that they are not worthy of this much love. And, in fact, they are correct! BUT, and this the Good News, the guarantee of renewal and rebirth doesn't depend on the worth of the believer. In other words, we can not be worthy no matter how "right before God," we think we may be.