Privacy Policy

Covenant Policy

We will endeavor, in as much as is humanly possible, to run this home-business/ministry in a way that is in keeping with God’s guidance. If you think we are deviating from His Way, please provide us a constructive reproof or request… please be specific and give us the Biblical reference(s) to support your counsel.

Privacy Policy

We know how important your privacy is. We promise not share your information with any other person or agency at any point without your permission. We will not give your email address to any third party vendor unless necessary to fill an order that you’ve made from us.

We use Google and MailChimp to monitor the trends of our audience. All of our emails to you will include links for you to opt-out if you’re no longer interested.

Sometimes, third party vendors (Google and Amazon, for example), whose links are embedded within our webpage in order to help fund our ministry, may place cookies on your browser in order to collect information about your internet usage. This information is stored on their servers and allows them to show you relevant ads that target your specific interests. This ad culture helps keep websites like Google free-of-charge. For more information, click here. Most browsers allow you to restrict cookies if you prefer not to share your informaton, click here for more information on how to restrict cookies.  

We cannot be responsible for content that you republish without our permission.

The privacy policy was last updated on 14 April 2017, and it is subject to change without notice. If you’d like to make suggestions or comments, please email me!


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