The Word of the Lord Stands Forever: a Devotional Bible Study for Families and Sunday Schools

We know from Scripture that all of the most beautiful things were created by God (John 1:3) and that they praise Him jubilantly (Psalm 96:11-12). --- is it any wonder that Flowers always strive to point their petals at the warmth of the sun? Oh that we worked so hard to point our hearts at the Son!

Consider the Lilies: a Devotional for Families and Sunday Schools

This picture, painted by Rose (age 6), helps me to imagine the Lilies in Christ's example as they "clothe the grass." He selected something common, but attractive, to illustrate God's goodness to those who seek him.

Bear Fruit in Season: a Devotional on Christian Living for Families and Sunday Schools

When a Christian's standard of morality is firmly-planted in the life-giving Word of our Creator, he is rightly grounded in the immutable nature of God. Not only is God an eternally consistent foundation, but He promises His adopted children that they will bear good fruit in Him.